ACA Code of Ethics

4 Weeks
10 lessons
2 quizzes
1 student

The American Counselors’ Code of Ethics (2014) is presented.

This 3 CE credit hour course is designed for counselors and is at the intermediate instructional level.

There is no known conflict of interest or commercial support related to this CE program.

Course Description

The ACA Code of Ethics provides information for counselors regarding all facets of the counseling profession and the ethical practice thereof. The ACA Code of Ethics serves as a point of reference and professional benchmarking when facing ethical dilemmas and daily practice scenarios. This course educates the counselor on ethics and tests the counselor’s proficiency in the ethics of the counseling profession. This course is based on the reading-based online article, ACA Code of Ethics: American Counseling Association created by American Counseling Association in 2014.

After completing this training the professional will:

  • Describe the principles and practices outlined in the ACA Code of Ethics.
  • Discuss the Code of Ethics established by ACA with others.
  • Apply knowledge from this course to practice and/or other professional contexts.
  • Support the mission of the American Counseling Association
  • Become familiar with the Code as an ethical guide to assist member in developing professionalism in practice and protecting the welfare of clients
  • Clarify the nature of ethical responsibilities held in common by members
Course Materials

Download the course program (PDF) by clicking HERE.